Alex has been in advertising since 2002, working as a trilingual copywriter (Portuguese, Spanish and English), translator and social media manager & content creator. He currently works at Y&R/Bravo Miami, creating ads for clients such as Dell, FedEx, Coca-Cola, among others, and leading the Portuguese copywriting team. His hands have been featured in at least 2 very good ads. When he’s not writing ads, he’s writing something else. Or traveling, watching soccer, using the interwebs and solving problems. Maybe that’s why the problems keep getting more and more complicated. He still wonders if his life would be easier if he was an art director. ADs don’t have to spellcheck their writing in a foreign language.


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Alex has worked as a copywriter in 4 different countries (5 if Catalunya becomes independent), and crossed the Atlantic to come to Miami 3 years ago to work at Y&R/Bravo. He’s done big projects for small clients in giant multinational agencies, small projects for big clients in small independent shops, in Portuguese, Spanish and English, and several other possible combinations for clients such as Dell, Puleva, Jaguar, FedEx, Cuatro TV, Volkswagen, Mercedez Benz, Banesto, AT&T and The Worst Client In The World, Whom Shall Not Be Named.

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2011-Current (USA) In the US, Alex has been in Y&R/Bravo Miami since 2011, working for clients such as Dell, FedEx, AT&T, Wendy’s, Chevron, Coca-Cola and others, creating for Brazil, other Latin American countries and for the US Hispanic markets, with campaigns in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
2005-2011 Spain This was the time Alex lived in Spain, where he got a Master in Advertising degree in Madrid and a Post-graduation in Interactive Creativity and Strategy in Barcelona, and worked for ArnoldFuel Spain, for clients such as Jaguar, Ebro Puleva Foods, Banesto and Cuatro TV; for Iddium, a digital shop where he created the campaign and content for Estoril Tourism, among others; and Justinmind, a tech startup where he worked as a social media manager, creating content, SEO, analytics and digital marketing strategy.
2000-2005 Brazil He lived in Recife, Pernambuco, where he graduated in Advertising and in a few agencies in Recife as a traditional copywriter.


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